Aspen’s Babies are here!

This is Bailey’s Aspen Snow and her new babies. They were born 6-21-20 there are 2 girls and 3 boys, all puppies are spoken for.
Aspen had to have a C-section and so her breeding days are over, she was also spayed. So she will retire at the very young age of three years old. She will be looking for her new home after mid August. EDIT TO POST ; Aspen has found her new family she will be headed to Florida to join the Parma family after she has raised her babies. Thank you!B16B96DF-3461-4CF1-9425-89C3BBEF7CB9

White Lab makes a handsome date!

This is my beautiful granddaughter with her handsome prom date. Her date is Bailey’s Snoop Dog Brandt he is her best friend. His Sire is Bailey’s Prince Luke. I just had to brag a bit on how gorgeous they both are. Grandchildren and white labs are my world.