We have white lab puppies available!

We have these beautiful white lab puppies available. They are 5 weeks old in this photo and will be ready to go to their new homes on Oct. 29th. The top photo shows the females & the bottom is the males. Parents are Cash’s Princess & Bailey’s Prince Luke. They will be calm and easy to train. We do offer shipping if you live out of state. Collage 2017-10-15 14_16_52


Three litters what a wonderful craziness!

Here are the three litters that we currently have.  The top photo is Paisley & Hunter’s litter, and they all have homes.  The two puppies in the bottom photo from Candy and Hunter also have homes.  The center photo shows the available puppies from Cash’s Princess and Bailey’s Prince Luke. There are two females and two males available.  That litter will be ready for take home on Oct. 29th.  Please call for more info on getting one of these sweet babies. 979-702-1636Collage 2017-10-08 12_59_48

White lab -Twin Girls

20170915_153946Bailey’s Cotton Candy had a very small litter on 9-14-17. Both female puppies already have deposits on them, They are super cute & have more milk than they need. Next week Bailey’s Princess Paisley will deliver her first litter so watch for updates on our next litter.