Questions and Answers

Question 1 . How much do your labs cost?
 Our puppies start at $1400 for limited registration.  This price may be higher depending on the extent of the pedigree and the time of the year. Note during the Holidays puppy prices are higher.  No full registrations are sold in the state of Texas.
Question 2. Are the deposits refundable?  Deposits are only refundable up until the puppies are born or if the gender you are wanting is not available.
Question 3.  What guarantees are provided with your puppies?
See Contract for all details.
Question 4.  What do your labs weigh?
The Sire weighs around 85, and the dam(s) weigh between 72-82 pounds.
Question 5.  Are your dogs good with kids?
Yes, we have young children in our home, and all the puppies are handled daily.  The puppies are also socialized with adult dogs.
Question 6.  Are they really WHITE and will they stay WHITE?
Yes, they are really white and will stay white.  They have dark eyes and black paws…they are beautiful!

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  1. Our white lab from Debra turned three today, and she has been the best dog! She has naturally VERY healthy teeth, gums, and skin/coat and is in great health overall. She is still very white with a little orange on her ears, tail and back of her legs. She has filled out to 65 pounds; her sire Buddy was 89 pounds and her dam Maggie was 72 pounds. Debra was an absolute joy to deal with and loves her dogs and puppies very much. These dogs are more than worth every penny and come from a very trustworthy breeder!

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