More White Lab Puppies are here.

This is a photo of MyWhiteLabs Queen Lucy. Lucy is 6 years old now & just delivered her last litter. Here puppies were born on May 3,2016. Also on May 7, 2016 Bailey’s Cream Lizzie delivered a beautiful litter of 4 females.So get in touch with us for one of these beautiful babies.Lucy 008

One thought on “More White Lab Puppies are here.

  1. Also here’s a pic of Max!

    4 months old. Max already seems like he needs a dog pal & I think Lucy would be a perfect fit. We have a HUGE yard gated all around our house & lots of space for 2 labs as that is what we had before….you’re welcome to come visit our home before you make a decision for Lucy. But my husband & I think this would be a good fit for Lucy. Thanks for considering us 🙂 Kim Kozmetsky

    Kimberly Kozmetsky 512-431-2792

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