Three week old white lab puppies.

Here are Maya and Luke’s three week old babies. They are already going potty on the paper and not their blanket (so smart). All puppies in this litter have new homes waiting for them. Our next possible litter will be born in March. Parents for that litter will be Luke and Izzy.51070e92-3787-42dd-b927-565aa961a01d

6 thoughts on “Three week old white lab puppies.

  1. You mentioned that the parents for the litter due in March are Luke and Izzy. How much do Luke and Izzy weigh and do you have pictures of them?

  2. This will probably be Izzy’s first litter. Saw her on website. She was a cutie at 8 weeks. Who were Izzys Mom and Dad? Very interested in a male for my Bailey’ new friend.

    • This is Izzy’s first litter. Maya is her Mom , Maya was artificially insemenated with sperm from a Champion male from another breeders line. I currently have five male deposits in place, so if you want on the list just send a $300 deposit. And we will get you another male.

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