Update on Available White Labs

The top photo shows a litter of four from Pink and Camo the male with the light blue collar is available and ready to go. The left photo show puppies from Izzy and Luke and there is one female and one male available. The right photo shows a newborn litter from Paris and Astro and there are two females and three males available for deposit. Let me know which litter has your new family member?ADE6E405-C8AC-4D08-90B6-F3782A6ABC5A

8 thoughts on “Update on Available White Labs

  1. How do you think the personalities of white labs compare to other colors of lab ? We have raised a yellow male and a black female and they were both stellar. The yellow was very chill and the black was great with our family bit very alpha around other dogs !
    PS: bothe our dogs were very energetic puppies for about two years. We are now retired and wonder if you ever see any whites that are 2 years or older — our energy isn’t what it used to be ! Jeff Knott 214-914-5823

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