5 thoughts on “Three week old blocky babies!

  1. Hi Debra, the puppies are precious. How does it work from here? I know you want us to choose on February 2/8 . Can you please send us videos of the males beforehand? Also we would like to discuss the puppy’s personality beforehand. We will be in Colorado beginning 2/5 – 2/15 which’s 1 hour behind your time . Therefore, please contact ahead of time so we can select Gipper. Thanks! Ethna Sent from my iPhone


    • I will send photos and I can FaceTime you if you have an I phone. Probably mid day on Sat. So time won’t be an issue. I may try on Friday if I have time then you can think about your choice overnight.

  2. Hi Debra, could my sister-in-law , Ginny Bennert who has one of your pups drive over from San Antonio tomorrow or Thursday to see the puppies and FaceTime with me so we could make our selection? Let me know if that works for you. Thanks! Ethna

    Sent from my iPhone


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