4 thoughts on “Christmas babies are here!

  1. Hi, this is Tara Thurkettle.

    I purchased Lola from you 4yrs ago. My Dad loves her. We grew up with Labs and just love them! My Mom passed last year and she wanted to get a Lab when she was sick, I think because she knew she was dying and did not want my Dad to be alone.

    When I saw Kota, I thought she would be perfect for him, since she’s a little older & calm. Is she still available & how much would you want for her?

    I’ve been training Lola to be a therapy dog. She is one special dog, she touches so many people’s lives and makes people smile with her funny personality and always smiling face. When my Mom was at home in hospice care & Lola first saw her at home, she sat by her bed side and let out a loud cry, she knew something was wrong with my Mom. I would catch Lola waking up in the middle of the night & sit by her bedside watching her. Lola or my other lab always stayed in the room with her. It was the sweetest thing and touched my heart. She has a good sense of people’s emotions & apparently sickness too.

    I just thought I would share that with you & how much Lola has meant to me & our family.

    She gets to do fun stuff too, I’m training the dogs to paddle board with me:)


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