Meet Bailey’s King Jaxon

Introducing my handsome new Sire Bailey’s King Jaxon. Jaxon is the son of Luke, he is not only handsome but very calm and loving. He has just sired his first two litters. So we are expecting puppies with Jaxon and Bailey’s Sugar Cookie around the first week of September. After that Jaxon and Bailey’s Beauty Sissy are expecting around the first week of October. Contact me for pricing on these two litters and to get your deposit in before they are all reserved.

4 thoughts on “Meet Bailey’s King Jaxon

  1. Omgezzzz I just love your guts man you are a amazing wonderful women and I can’t wait for my daughter and I to get our new little person. I love the fact you are so clean and take such great care of them. By far you are one of the best Breeders Iv ever met in my life. Just know I’m still hear and we will never give up on our dream dog. Thank you so so much for the update.

  2. Looking for a new baby. Love labs. Had a white once before. Our yellow Bodhi Girl (11) is slowing down and a new baby might perk her up as well as teach the newbie how to be as lovable.
    Just getting started on a search. Let us know how the process is done. We live on the panhandle (Fl).

    • Hi, I am happy to get you a new fur baby. All you need to do is contact me to place a deposit ($300) and let me know If you want a male or a female puppy. We will be having several litters real soon so the wait time will be short. You can reach me at 979-702-1636.

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