Puppy Donation for NICU babies!

I am at a Charity Gala tonight for Setons NICU department. I am donating this sweet girl from Jasper and Jaxon’s litter. She is the star of the show. So I will post a photo of the winning bidder of this baby tomorrow. I love charity events and helping when I can.

4 thoughts on “Puppy Donation for NICU babies!

  1. My neighbor bought one of your guys a couple years ago….I am sooo “IN LOVE” with him-Jaxon……I am an OR RN, thank you for donating……

  2. What a wonderful thing to do❣️🐾🐾 Truly a gift for all ❣️My Cody, a pup from Macey, brings love, laughter, and joy to all who meet him❣️🐶

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